Culture Education and Technology Network


About us

Culture Education and Technology Network (CETNET) is a non-governmental organisation established to assist other not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) with their mass media communications. We help NPOs to craft better messages, craft donour proposals, design compelling campaigns, manage project finances and document their projects in a holistic manner.

CETNET was established in 2000 to serve NPOs with effective communication on culture, technology and civic education through various media. To this end the network aims to promote and preserve Ghanaian and African cultural heritage and positive traditional knowledge by collecting, collating and preserving cultural data and insignia and recording cultural dances, music and stories on digital storage media. In addition, we aim to promote civic education to the various Ghanaian and African publics through radio, film, docu-drama’s, documentaries, live drama, location discussions and facilitated peer discussions. We also provide ICT training and support to cultural and educational institutions.

The NGO encourages political, social, structural, judicial, community and general behavioural changes towards issues of domestic and national concern. These include democracy, human-rights, history, culture, traditions, national identity, issues of gender, health and others related. Community interactivity with families and communities also forms one of our core means of solving some of the above issues.

What we do

Culture Education and Technology Network, CETNET builds strategic New Media products to Educate civic society across the continent. This we accomplish through producing dramas, books, stage-shows and other theatrical performances for television, radio and other local means of communication. We believe our first responsibility is to the learning community all over the world and all others who use our products and services in meeting their teaching and learning needs. In meeting the needs of our patrons, we must strive to turn out high quality products, deliver correctly and on time. To this end, we do not hesitate to experiment with new ideas, carry on research, develop innovative programmes and seek advise where it’s due. We are responsible to the men and women who work with us. We consider everyone as an individual. We respect their dignity and we recognise and appreciate their merit. Our core AIMS and OBJECTIVES are to embody our mission:
 Culture Education and Technology - 'Preserving and Promoting Culture Through Education and Technology'.


With the nature and rapid pace of cultural globalisation, Ghanaian culture and traditional values are finding it hard to compete with other cultures. This is causing cultural tensions and friction between various members of Ghanaian society. In this circumstance, CETNET has identified an opportunity to research and educate the various Ghanaian publics on the cultural and traditional diversity of Ghana. In doing this we aim to strengthen our collective confidence in dealing with the changes that globalisation has brought and will continue to bring.

Civic Information

Presently, civic information is largely targeted at the literate adult. Such civic information as there is rarely takes the stratified nature of the audience into account in the design and delivery of information. The divide in access to resources, vocational training, jobs, necessary information and health needs for all is biased. Working with other media groups, we aim at addressing the issue through calculated mass media taking into consideration its effect at men and women from all walks, politicians, ministers, CEO’s, secretaries, self-employed and even to un-employed persons.

ICT Training

Technological advances today have made a certain minimum understanding and utility of computers an imperative for communicating and learning. There remain large groups of students, women, adults and institutions that remain outside the information highway simply because they do not have access nor know how to use a computer or how to gather information using the internet. We at CETNET, petition for used computers and peripherals from all corners of the globe, refurbish and train selected groups of persons to effectively use them.

What makes us a unique NGO?

We pursue our mission by a. The relentless pursuit of full customer satisfaction
 b. Empowering and maintaining the highest quality of people
 at CETNET c. Helping the NGO sector to better package their messages d. Protecting and building our image as a reliable organisation

We listen to our patrons and improve our message packaging to meet their present and future needs.
 Our success depends upon high-performing people working in an environment where diversity, development, and teamwork are recognised and valued.
 We expect exceptional performance and are accountable for our actions and results.
 Our leadership set clear goals and expectations, are supportive, and provide frequent feedback.
 We support communities, hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility, and communicate openly with CETNET people and the public. We are prudent and effective in the use of the resources entrusted to us. Our Expertise includes benchmark service and facilities specially tailored for NGO/NPO:

01. Culture Development and Civic Education
02. ICT Training Programmes
03. Cross-Cultural History and Heritage Asset Packaging
04. Refurbishment of Computers and Peripherals
05. Conference Planning and Management
06. Audio-Visual and Photographic Documentation
07. NGO/NPO Website Registration, Design, Hosting and Management
08. Digitisation, Preservation and Records Management
09. Digital Archiving and Format Conversion
10. Video Streaming

The Team


Has an advisory and advocacy role

Dr. K. Adu Boahen (Chairman)
Prof. Albert K. Awedoba
Mrs. Rose Ankrah

Dr. Owusu Brempong

Mrs. Patience Vormawor
S. L. d'Souza, MA

Mrs. Irene Okere
Stella Dovlo

Executive Director

Concerned with policies, strategies and relationships with the environment e.g. project direction, resource acquisition, links between the project and other parts of the organization

Mad. Sarah Dsane - Ag. Director


Facilitate the successful implementation of the project through project management and control in the short to medium term

Mad. Sarah Dsane - Ag. CEO
Mad. Felicia Ntow - Programmes Manager

Emmanuel Nii Bortey - Programmes Assistant

Andrew Kofi Asante - Audio Visual Engineer


Support and other service delivery in the short to medium term

Institute for Research, Advocacy and Training
The Historical Society of Ghana
Chieftaincy Secretariat
Ofamfa New Media Design

Our Projects

The Peace Project

Culture Eduacation and Technology Network (CETNET) collaborated with Ofamfa™ to design a campaign strategy on behalf of the National Peace Council towards the peace during the presidential elections in Ghana. As the presidental elections drew closer, tensions mounted between the political parties and the need to call attention to the nation was ever so urgent. We designed a hybrid media campaign which included interactive peer-to-peer discussions, below the line advertisements, mobile cinema evangelism and mass media video camapign. We worked within the shortest possible time to film, edit, produce and deliver in varied formatting, all content which was subsequently broadcast on all television, radio, video centres and on the internet.

Domestic Violence Bill

Culture Eduacation and Technology Network (CETNET) collaborated with Ofamfa™ to design a campaign strategy on behalf of the Ministry for Women and Children's Affairs to help them promote the passing of Ghana's Domestic Violence Bill. The draft bill was met with strong oppsition everywhere it was promoted partly because of its content and the methodology used in the promotion. We helped to design a much better and direct communications approach which fueled a different reception; eventually the bill was passed and is now part of Ghana's laws.

Our Contacts

Visiting Address: Store No.1 Volta Hall Enclave,
 University of Ghana, Legon - Accra, Ghana.
Postal Address: Post Office Box CT4880, Cantonments - Accra, Ghana.
Electronic: Tel: +233 - 302 - 945119 / +233 - 283 - 023023 /